Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spray-on clothing? What?

Recently, American Eagle Outfitters posted an ad introducing their new 'skinny skinny' jeans. Their purpose of releasing this ad is obviously just for the talk, and the buzz that it'll create, and not to actually sell those. 

If you haven't watched it yet, here it is:

From a marketing perspective, I think this is completely genius. But, from a fashion perspective, it kind of makes me want to shoot myself. Looking at comments and reviews, people have actually tried to purchase these. But, once you click on the link, it goes to a picture of spray paints that you can't buy. I just hope that skinny skinny's, whether they were spray-ons or fabric, never exist in the future...

After that video, I did some research and found out that spray-on clothing existed since the 90's. There is such a thing! This video from 2010 shows how it works, which is too scientific for me, but it's kinda interesting... Spray-ons might be unique to use on runways, but let's hope this is not expected to become some sort of clothing in the future... These are probably not even comfortable, and I'm guessing will be horrible for the skin.

In the future, I wouldn't want to start seeing people wearing tight spray-ons. Imagine how it'd be like, especially with our current society.  People will start thinking it replaces all their clothes, then 'skinny skinny's will start existing, and then maybe having no clothes on will become a thing. Which is a complete no no! So, if this ever gets introduced in stores in the future, just say no for clothing that isn't at least 0.01mm away from your body, please.  

P.S. The videos don't show up on mobile devices sorry :(


Thursday, March 28, 2013

No bitching, just thrifting

From my previous thrifting trips to Value Village, the Black Market, and a bunch of other second hand stores, I decided to make a post on my favourite thrifted items.

I love this jacket! When will you ever be able to experience a ring-attached leather and denim jacket? Even though it's so big and I'll never be able to wear it, I'll be keeping it forever. A piece like this will always be hard to find, so it's more of a unique vintage item to me than a clothing item. I found it at the Black Market last year and had to buy it. The tag says "Gap Denim", which makes me wonder how old this badass actually is. Plus, it's SO heavy... It probably weighs half of me. 

 Both these tops are great layering pieces. The white lace-collared blouse is one of my favourites to wear with a black sweater over. And, this denim top/vest will be my go to piece for the Spring and Summer.

This was probably my luckiest find ever. It's a Diane Von Furstenberg make-up bag. Even though I don't really put makeup in it, it just looks nice in my room :) 

Few tips/ advice on thrifting: 
  •  "Dry clean only" items are usually capable of getting super clean if you hand wash them. Anything I thrift that's hard to wash, I just end up hand washing it with cold water extensively. So, don't freak out when you like something that you think is not washable. Shrinking can be prevented with cold water. And, everything will always be as good as new if you hand wash it. 
  • Only go to thrift stores in areas you trust. Usually a residential kind of area or somewhere that is not in the ghetto, you know. 
  • Only go to second hand stores if you are open minded and patient


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Inspiration Post: Favourite 90s couple

Longing for Kate Moss and Johnny Depp to be together again, Cara Delevingne posted 2 old pictures of them just a couple of days ago, which inspired me to creep more pictures of them as a couple. Oh, what a good looking couple they were!

Now that the 90s and the grunge era is back in fashion, why not take inspiration from young Kate and Johnny? They're style showed a whole lot of personality and their relationship seemed so beautiful. If I could go back in time and just have them stay together forever, I would.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring wish list No. 1

I want to share with you my wish lists for this season. Here comes wish list No. 1:

Those pieces are perfect for a warm-ish Canadian weather, since in Canada, the sky never makes up its mind on wether it's sunny or cloudy. A grey-toned monochromatic outfit such as this one is always the go to for such moody days. 

1. Black Onyx Ring -
This ring is just perfect for any outfit. You can get it here.

2. Layer Heel - Cheap Monday
Love these boots. I've seen many black ankle heeled boots out there, but this beats all. The chunk of the heel and that extra sole give it a little edge. If you love ankle boots, this is definitely a must have. You can get them here.

3. Flower Shirt Dress- Topshop Unique
Most of my next purchases this season will probably be shirt dresses, especially ones that have no waist line, are oversized and drape straight with movement. I am trying to wear more dresses, and Spring is a great opportunity for a change. This dress is one of the things that I wish I was tall enough to buy, boo :( . However, it would be safe to say that adding a dress like this to your Spring wardrobe will surely bring joy. It's flowy, graphic and floral. How can you not fall in love? It's a bit pricey, but probably worth it. You can get this dress hereOr, you can always get a somewhat similar look for a lower price here.

4. The Boyfriend Coat - Topshop
Let's not forget that Spring is still a bit chilly. This is a great layer to add. The black and white little details of the wool make it look grey, which is just what is needed for such a monochromatic outfit. Also, this coat goes up to the knee which will look wonderful with a long dress. Get this coat here.

5.  HS Big Dot socks
Last but not least, a touch of socks always make an outfit better. Since this whole outfit is going with a monochromatic scheme, breaking the rules with one block of colour will always give a personality to an outfit. If you haven't heard of HS socks yet, visit There you can find different unisex  socks that are colourful, cool and funky... yeah add some funk to your life. And they have a reinforced heel and toe fabric area preventing them from breaking! HS have collaborated with many designers, artists and brands including Terry Richardson and Curtis Kulig. Find the Big Dot socks (2 pack) here


Friday, March 22, 2013

Hi World, here's to a Prada beginning

Here goes my first official blog post.

A little bit about me: 

My name is Yara Kamal. I am a Fashion Communication's student from Toronto, and I am thrilled to start sharing things I love with the world, especially fashion. I will be posting photographs, some fashion news, DIYs, tips and advice, and so on. You'll just have to wait and see.

Why Pocket Hopper? 

You're also probably wondering about the completely random choice of name. Well, I just figured I'd name myself something different.  Everyone always seems to want to hide me in their pockets, because of my size/height (5 ft.... rounded, ha ha I'm getting there). Since in reality that's not possible, I'll just imagine having such super powers. I guess in real life it could just mean going from place to place, which is kinda relevant to this blog.

To end this post and start this blog, I stumbled upon this Prada Advertisement campaign video while browsing through Jack Harding's blog, It's a surprise that I have never seen it. I've seen Prada's Spring/Summer 2013 Collection, and I thought it was ok. Some pieces were really strong, others were meh. Except for of course those amazing flower glasses!!! They are fab in every way.

But, this video truly made me in love with those pieces. It's just amazing. So playful, yet so appealing. Definitely worth the watch.

Also, sadly if you're reading this through the mobile version/phone the video doesn't show up..