Friday, March 22, 2013

Hi World, here's to a Prada beginning

Here goes my first official blog post.

A little bit about me: 

My name is Yara Kamal. I am a Fashion Communication's student from Toronto, and I am thrilled to start sharing things I love with the world, especially fashion. I will be posting photographs, some fashion news, DIYs, tips and advice, and so on. You'll just have to wait and see.

Why Pocket Hopper? 

You're also probably wondering about the completely random choice of name. Well, I just figured I'd name myself something different.  Everyone always seems to want to hide me in their pockets, because of my size/height (5 ft.... rounded, ha ha I'm getting there). Since in reality that's not possible, I'll just imagine having such super powers. I guess in real life it could just mean going from place to place, which is kinda relevant to this blog.

To end this post and start this blog, I stumbled upon this Prada Advertisement campaign video while browsing through Jack Harding's blog, It's a surprise that I have never seen it. I've seen Prada's Spring/Summer 2013 Collection, and I thought it was ok. Some pieces were really strong, others were meh. Except for of course those amazing flower glasses!!! They are fab in every way.

But, this video truly made me in love with those pieces. It's just amazing. So playful, yet so appealing. Definitely worth the watch.

Also, sadly if you're reading this through the mobile version/phone the video doesn't show up..


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