Thursday, March 28, 2013

No bitching, just thrifting

From my previous thrifting trips to Value Village, the Black Market, and a bunch of other second hand stores, I decided to make a post on my favourite thrifted items.

I love this jacket! When will you ever be able to experience a ring-attached leather and denim jacket? Even though it's so big and I'll never be able to wear it, I'll be keeping it forever. A piece like this will always be hard to find, so it's more of a unique vintage item to me than a clothing item. I found it at the Black Market last year and had to buy it. The tag says "Gap Denim", which makes me wonder how old this badass actually is. Plus, it's SO heavy... It probably weighs half of me. 

 Both these tops are great layering pieces. The white lace-collared blouse is one of my favourites to wear with a black sweater over. And, this denim top/vest will be my go to piece for the Spring and Summer.

This was probably my luckiest find ever. It's a Diane Von Furstenberg make-up bag. Even though I don't really put makeup in it, it just looks nice in my room :) 

Few tips/ advice on thrifting: 
  •  "Dry clean only" items are usually capable of getting super clean if you hand wash them. Anything I thrift that's hard to wash, I just end up hand washing it with cold water extensively. So, don't freak out when you like something that you think is not washable. Shrinking can be prevented with cold water. And, everything will always be as good as new if you hand wash it. 
  • Only go to thrift stores in areas you trust. Usually a residential kind of area or somewhere that is not in the ghetto, you know. 
  • Only go to second hand stores if you are open minded and patient



  1. Great post and great photos Yara! Love that you're showcasing pieces that you've found yourself in physical markets as opposed to online. That's the kind of original content people want to see; it's what sets your blog apart!

  2. How come none of the thrift shops we've been to have anything as good us what you've managed to pick up?! We especially love that lace collared blouse and the denim vest

  3. OMG I wanna have 1 you can wear itin so many ways love it so much! Xyas