Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring wish list No. 1

I want to share with you my wish lists for this season. Here comes wish list No. 1:

Those pieces are perfect for a warm-ish Canadian weather, since in Canada, the sky never makes up its mind on wether it's sunny or cloudy. A grey-toned monochromatic outfit such as this one is always the go to for such moody days. 

1. Black Onyx Ring -
This ring is just perfect for any outfit. You can get it here.

2. Layer Heel - Cheap Monday
Love these boots. I've seen many black ankle heeled boots out there, but this beats all. The chunk of the heel and that extra sole give it a little edge. If you love ankle boots, this is definitely a must have. You can get them here.

3. Flower Shirt Dress- Topshop Unique
Most of my next purchases this season will probably be shirt dresses, especially ones that have no waist line, are oversized and drape straight with movement. I am trying to wear more dresses, and Spring is a great opportunity for a change. This dress is one of the things that I wish I was tall enough to buy, boo :( . However, it would be safe to say that adding a dress like this to your Spring wardrobe will surely bring joy. It's flowy, graphic and floral. How can you not fall in love? It's a bit pricey, but probably worth it. You can get this dress hereOr, you can always get a somewhat similar look for a lower price here.

4. The Boyfriend Coat - Topshop
Let's not forget that Spring is still a bit chilly. This is a great layer to add. The black and white little details of the wool make it look grey, which is just what is needed for such a monochromatic outfit. Also, this coat goes up to the knee which will look wonderful with a long dress. Get this coat here.

5.  HS Big Dot socks
Last but not least, a touch of socks always make an outfit better. Since this whole outfit is going with a monochromatic scheme, breaking the rules with one block of colour will always give a personality to an outfit. If you haven't heard of HS socks yet, visit There you can find different unisex  socks that are colourful, cool and funky... yeah add some funk to your life. And they have a reinforced heel and toe fabric area preventing them from breaking! HS have collaborated with many designers, artists and brands including Terry Richardson and Curtis Kulig. Find the Big Dot socks (2 pack) here


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