Sunday, June 16, 2013

PLDT Canada Philippine Fashion Week - Gala Premiere

Ethnic and cultural events never fail to be a wonderful experience. Add fashion to it, and you got yourself a night to kill for!

On Friday night, I had the joy of attending Philippine Fashion's Biggest Night at the first ever Canadian Philippine Fashion Week! It was filled with barongs, huge sleeves, fabulous dresses and combed pulled back hair. The venue, Roy Thomson Hall, was gorgeous, mirrors everywhere, open space, glass windows, and high ceilings.

The fashion show followed an exhibition/gala displaying most designers' works, plus some food and drinks. I even got to witness a great short dance performance before the fashion show started- The "tinikling" dance. Oh my, was it good. I could only imagine how hard it is to move fast without getting your feet squished by a couple of bamboo sticks.

Even though I didn't get to capture pictures during the fashion show, it was fabulous. The lighting was great, very colourful. The backdrop included videos of different places in the Philippines. The stage was huge, the models had to walk on the edges from one point to the other. Around 2 hours of displaying long gowns of all kind. All of them were mostly constructed of layers and layers of fabrics, some scrunched up, some softly draped, and other layers were applied to the back- I spotted many bustles-yup. No doubt, the Canadian Filipino designers proved their incredible talents.

The event all started with the red carpet, where designers, models, and VIPs got to walk through and get their pictures taken by the media.. I got to take a few pictures of designers, models, the attendants' outfits, and a few art works before the fashion show for you to enjoy and be inspired by- and for me to keep as a memory of this uplifting unique culture.

Designer John Ablaza

Designer Roland Alzate

Designer Francis Libiran

Designer Amina Aranaz


Indoors/ Before the show. Interesting Filipino gowns

Francis Libiran's dress designs

Amina Aranaz's collection

The only proper picture we took was this one, sadly - before the event

After the event, in horrible lighting, we wanted to have another try with a picture. But, the security guard who was taking the picture told us to "act gangster." So, this is what he got...