Thursday, September 26, 2013

Think Again

The way we all spend money is just sickening sometimes..

So, maybe this will make you think before you shop, and hopefully save you some money.

Useless spending will never make you happy. Especially, if you're a person who doesn't have money raining in your bank account. Well, even if you do, I would still say it's doubtful that useless spending will ever make you a happy person in the long run.

This is not a post on places to shop for clothes to save money like many other fashion blogs. I'm simply just telling you if you don't need it, think again about buying it. And, yes, you can do it.

In a world exposed to fashion, I'm finding that consumer habits keep getting worse. You like something, you want to buy it. You go in and buy it, and then you find yourself a few months later not wearing it and wanting something else. Why? Because, if you buy a trend, it is only a trend. You might keep it and wear it again one day, but really? If you buy a long-sleeve knit and have a million other long-sleeve knits that only differ a bit in your closet, is it really that important?

It's revolting how much fast fashion is growing (fast & cheap production, in general), due to a constant increase in competition. It is all pretty much because of us. We are the over spenders; the weak consumers. Retailers and manufacturers can easily get money out of us, so why not keep manufacturing these things, marketing them as the best item to have and brainwash consumers into thinking they're buying into this glamorized lifestyle.

All of this is just to make money. "Well, it's business" they tell you.  Is it really necessary to keep making things that will be thrown to waste, again and again? When will the world give up on us from the amounts of things that keep being produced & then thrown at it? Well, how much can you really recycle through thrift stores and passing clothes around? Do you ever stop and think about where all these consumer products go?

First, you need to think: Why are you buying it? Lets face it, nowadays if you want to buy something it's mostly for you to splurge. You will mostly keep buying things because they're new and you just simply want them. Sometimes it's because something is popular or a magazine told you to buy it. Most of the time buying fast fashion or buying an item that so clearly screams a label a million times at you is only purchased for the sake of feeling good about yourself or because you have a positive idea of what others will think of you.

Spending too much on fashion will never do you any good. Yes, you can still represent yourself with clothes the way you want to be seen... Without spending way too much. Keep it at buying one thing once in a while that will last and be worn more than once. Doing so will save you AND the environment a whole lot of waste.

Walk into a big drug store's beauty section, even Sephora, or MAC, and you'll see rows and rows of products just there trying to stand out, waiting for you to buy them. To be honest, I hate it. I hate the fact that there are so many options and useless beauty products that exist.... From face creams, to lip exfoliators or even a lotion specifically for the elbow, ha ha. Yes, there is such thing...

There are endless isles of products. And, again why do we need them? I admit it's fun to go and look at these things. Maybe, own minimal makeup. Such as some eyeshadow, concealer, moisturizer, mascara, and lipstick. But, why does there have to be so many? And, why are there so many people who just buy all of it? Humans should live with minimal wants and just enough for their needs. Consumers buying everything is what keeps this corrupted market of fast production growing.

Advice: If you want to take care of your skin, just use natural remedies.

Ok, let's say you're a spender and you saved this money and lessened your useless spending. What should you "splurge" on?

1. Travelling - save money aside to see different parts of the world, go on a vacation, and take a break. A different experience will change you and make you happier than any product ever will.

2. Good cause - Giving money for charity or helping someone in need will bring you more joy than shopping for things you want. (try it if you haven't done that in a while)

3. Investments - save up for more important things that will matter later on in life.

I will admit I'm not the queen of saving money, but with time I am definitely appreciating the value of the dollar more and realizing how the addiction of buying is just destructive to all of us.

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  1. My thoughts exactly. Great piece!!! Lovely blog!

    Xx Marina